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From Orchard to Bottle

Taste the difference - Stewley Orchard, Taunton 2023


The Home of  Taunton Cider

Heritage Cider are the parent company of 
The Taunton Cider company. 

Taunton Cider was first established in 1911 although its roots can be traced back to as early as 1805. In 2023, Heritage Cider purchased the Taunton Cider brand, obtained its orchards and recipes to continue making your favourite flavours. We are making a multi-award-winning craft cider using
heritage varieties of English bittersweet, and bitter sharp
cider apples, grown in orchards that have supplied Taunton
Cider for generations.

217641483_1482342188800014_5546940599662885223_n (2).jpg

Proper Cider. From Somerset

Only the Best

By using Somerset apples we achieve a triple whammy. We get
the best fruit in the world, support local farmers and have a
tiny carbon footprint. We do not import foreign concentrate.
Our cider supports the bio diversity of the English
countryside and the money we spend stays in the local
We make our cider in a traditional way, we do not force the
fermentation or hurry things along and we end up with an
incredible base cider from which our master cidermakers
blend our different styles.

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